The Golden World Mystery. Edinburgh’s Fairy Tales for Children and Adults, 1 vol, Alec and the Golden Man (dedication, thanks to, motto)

For my Great-Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents, Niwka, Dada, Alex, Abato, Angel, Ana, Aga, Children and Adults


If this story could happen in Edinburgh, one of the most tolerant cities, how much more susceptible to similar danger would be any other city in the World.


This book is especially dedicated to my kind, open hearted Edinburgh Friends who supported me and my children in good times and hard. They supported us spiritually and materially and above all with knowledge without which this book would not have materialised. Special acknowledgments to Rabbi David Rose, Maryla and Edward Green, Hilary and Arnold Rifkind, Andrea and Malcolm Cowan, Rebecyn Gitta and Rabbi Pinny Weinman, Anita and David Mendelssohn and Avril and Norman Berger, Sandra and Sidney Caplan, Judy and Anthony Gilbert, Lord Julian Goodman of L.B., (the late) Myrna Kaplan, Morris Kaplan, Jonathan Kish, Marianne Lászlo, Frances Morgan, Margaret and Peter Phillips, Robin Samuel Spark, Jackie and Raymond Taylor.

 Thanks to:

I also wish to thank Artur Abato, Anna and Agnieszka Janas, Jonathan Kish, Iga Bożyk, Carol Butters, Erin Smith, Magda Broda and Anne Wilson for being supportive and providing constructive criticism. I would like to thank them for their editorial comments and for all work on the translation of  The Golden World Mystery. Edinburgh’s Fairy Tales for Children and Adults, volume 1, Alec and the Golden Man. It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge that without their contribution this fairy story would not have reached its current status as a book. Thank you again. You are wonderful!

 Edinburgh, Erev Pesach 14th Nisan 5772 – 6th April 2012

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